Vintage Frozen Custard…

was born in 2012 and is the first frozen custard food truck in Atlanta, GA. The response to our premium frozen custard was overwhelming which led to the 2014 opening of a stand-alone, old fashioned ice cream parlor at 1021 Howell Mill Rd. in At, GA. Since then, we’ve relocated to 1075 Canton Street Roswell, Ga 30075.

Frozen Custard – A Memorable Experience

Frozen custard is a gourmet ice cream that originated in Coney Island, New York as a carnival treat around 1919. The taste of frozen custard has a deliciously distinct and unforgettable flavor. Our frozen custard contains carefully sourced cream with other natural ingredients.

Vintage Frozen Custard’s premium frozen custard is made fresh daily–sometimes several times each day–and is served at the ideal temperature to please your palate. Our old-fashioned custard is continuously fed into a freezing barrel and the mix is rapidly frozen with very little air and small ice crystals. This creates frozen custard that is velvety smooth with a rich flavor.