Liege Waffle Selection


Liege Waffle

Freshly-made, all natural liege waffle with sugar dust

Liege Waffle Minis

Miniature size version of The Pearl

Liege Waffle Everdae

Liege waffle & Vintage Frozen Custard pairings

Holy Matrimony

Your choice of frozen custard ice cream, whipped cream, & sugar dust

All American

Classic vanilla frozen custard, cinnamon-apple compote, whipped cream, & sugar dust

The Valentine

Classic chocolate frozen custard, dark chocolate sauce, strawberry compote, whipped cream & sugar dust

Banana Boat

Classic vanilla frozen custard, caramelized banana sauce, freshly sliced bananas, whipped cream, & sugar dust

Liege Waffle Creations

Nut Case

All natural crunchy peanut butter & sugar dust

Berry Serious

Strawberry or blueberry compote, whipped cream, & sugar dust

Georgia Pearl

Peach compote, whipped cream, & sugar dust

Mount Hazel

Chocolate hazelnut spread, sprinkled with Himalayan sea-salted hazelnuts

Chocolate Chimp

Chocolate hazelnut spread or dark chocolate sauce, freshly sliced bananas, & sugar dust